Hi! My name is Jeff Byrne, and I am a graphic designer who hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I have over 18 years of graphic design experience. I am proficient in multiple design and animation software on both Mac and PC platforms, and have utilized my design and project management skills on a great number of projects ranging from logo design to annual reports to website design and digital animation. Feel free to take a look at my portfolio to see a sample of some of my work.

Concerning my design philosophy, I tend to follow the edict that less is very often more. Whatever I happen to be working on, I try to view it as a blank canvas with the elements I bring to it as parts of a whole. I believe that graphic design is one of those uniquely human creations that elevates communication to an altogether higher level.

I am currently open to new employment opportunities that would allow me to grow in the graphic design profession that I have come to enjoy so much. If you have an employment or freelance opportunity that you would like to discuss with me, then by all means, let’s talk!


Print Design

With over 18 year of print design experience, I understand the importance of listening to clients, understanding their needs, and designing visually appealing works that communicate in a clear, concise manner. To see samples of my print work, please click here.

Website Design

Since designing my first website in the 1990s until now, a lot has changed on the Web. But one thing hasn’t…the importance of good design. For samples of my website design work, please click here.


A lot has changed since my first website project in 1998. Luckily, one thing that hasn’t is the need for well designed sites. I take my graphic design experience and combine it with my knowledge of WordPress to help develop websites that fit the needs of your business. And, I use software that allows you to manage the site from there…simply and with no coding needed.


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My phone number is 616.206.2833.

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My email address is jefferee2442@gmail.com

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